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How to pronounce famous French brands

You have just bought a French fragrance, now learn how to pronounce it properly so that you can look fancy with your friends ;) Here are a few brand names and how to pronounce them properly.

Givenchy- Zhee- von- shee

Givenchy L'interdit- Laan-ter-di

Chanel- Sha- nelle

Chloé- Kloh- eh

Guerlain- Guerre- Lahn (just touch the "n")

Jean Paul Gaultier- John-pohl-goat-yay

Lancôme- lohg-comb

Some other French brands that we don't pronounce correctly:

Cartier- cah-ti-yay

Céline- say-lean

Christian louboutin- (crest-yawh) (lu-bu-tahn)

Champs elysees- Shon-zay-lee-zay

Hermés- aihr- mens (don't say the "h"

L'oreal- loh-reyh-ahl

Longchamp- lohn-chahm

Moët & Chandon- Moet-et chan-dohn (join the two together) Moët is Dutch

Louis Vuitton- Louis-vuveeton

L'occitane en Provence- loxy-ten

Veuve Clicquot- verve-klick-o

You can watch and listen how to pronounce these on YouTube with:

"Not even French-20 French brands you pronounce wrong"

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How to make your fragrance last

  1. Apply right after your shower.

     Starting with proper application helps ensure your fragrance lasts all day. For best results, apply your perfume right after you shower and dry off.

  2. Make sure skin is moisturised before application.

     Applying unscented lotion before you spritz on your perfume will moisturise your skin and lock in your fragrance.

  3. Spray or dab onto bare skin.

     Keep fabric and clothing from obstructing your fragrance. Perfume smells best and lasts the longest when able to meld with the natural oils of your body.

  4. Apply to your pulse points.

     Fragrance reacts to heat, and applying to your pulse points can help release scent throughout the day. Try spritzing the nape of your neck, insides of your elbows, wrists, or the back of your knees.

  5. Don’t rub the fragrance in. Rubbing your wrists together breaks down the chemicals and causes top notes to break down or bruise the notes. If you can’t spray your fragrance, gently dab it on your skin.

  6. Spray fragrance onto your hairbrush and brush through your hair.

  7. If you want some extra scent in your hair, you can spray it on your brush and run it through dry hair. Don’t spritz directly onto your hair, as the alcohol in many perfumes can cause damage. 

  8. Use matching scented lotion and other products.

  9. Another way to maximise your fragrance is to buy the lotions, body washes, and other products sold alongside it. Most popular brands offer matching products to compliment their fragrances. This is called fragrance layering.

  10. Store your perfume in a cool, dark place. 

  11. Fragrance can break down in fluctuating temperatures or humidity. Instead of storing your scents in the bathroom, keep it in a cool cupboard away from direct sunlight.

  12. Make the most of every last drop of your fragrance. If your bottle no longer sprays, add the remaining scent to some unscented moisturizer to create a lotion that smells like your perfume.

Tips & Inspiration: Tips & Inspiration
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