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A quick look into EDJ

EDJ fragrances was established in 2016 and is a family owned business. We take pride in giving you quality fragrances that are packaged in eco-friendly containers. 
Our fragrances are known as “Eau de Parfum”  which means, the most concentrated form of scent as a perfume or parfum as they call it in France. Our fragrances are blended by a renowned French company known as the oldest perfume company, still active today.
They were founded in 1799 in Grasse, France by a perfumer who inspired the local farmers to produce flowers for the fragrance, distilling and blending process. Today it is the largest supplier of natural fragrance ingredients produced from the vast natural flower villages in France.
Since its launch 222 years ago, it has grown to become the largest supplier of fine fragrances.
It has over 20 000  different blends and assisting in the launch of some of the top well-known brands in the market place today.
EDJ Fragrances is able to bring you these French fragrances at an affordable price allowing you to enjoy the luxury of French fragrances without the expense.

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